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          · C A M E L   T H R E A D S · 
         It all started with a camel...
    Lulu believes there is no fun in perfection!
    Lulu loves long walks in the desert and of course, shopping! Her favorite day of the week is Wednesday (DUH) and she enjoys a drink every now and then! (especially a Lulu-tini) When she isn't designing shoes and totes for her business, Camel Threads, she spends her time hanging with her gal-pals in her She Shed telling wild Hump Tales and perfecting her Glam Jam makeup skills!
    Uniqueness starts with "U"!
    Camel Threads embodies wild, strong, and imperfectly perfect women!
    Embrace YOUR style with our fashionable Camel Totes and Toes!